Community Outreach

How We Give Back to Our Ventura & Los Angeles County Communities

No matter what industry a business works in, they are always dependent on the community around them if they are to have any chance at success. At Ercolani Law Group, we understand how important it is to repay the loyalty and trust our community has given us. We are committed to serving our neighbors through helping them in the best way we know how—legal aid. Ercolani Law Group provides pro bono legal services to individuals and organizations that help sick children in need.

If you or a loved one has a legal need related to a childhood illness, please call (805) 338-6880 so we can discuss ways we can help.

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Bumblebee Foundation

A favorite organization of ours is Bumblebee Foundation—a group that assists families affected by childhood cancer. This group is known for their vigilant efforts to help take care of medical needs and expenses through an expansive network of allies. Ercolani Law Group helps Bumblebee Foundation by providing free legal services to their team. Unfortunately, even organizations like these can be victimized and targeted for scams. When fund executors mishandle funds, we are there to help.

How We Help Our Community

If you have a child with an illness and you require legal aid, we may be able to help. Contact our firm so we can discuss your needs and potentially move forward with a legal strategy. For those interested in giving to Bumblebee Foundation or another charity, contact us for more information about donating.

Our team takes pride in helping our community any way we can. If there are opportunities we may have missed, we invite you to bring them to our attention so we can learn more about ways to give back. Call (805) 338-6880 now to speak with Ercolani Law Group.

Timing is Everything.

Do not delay in addressing your legal concerns. If your situation has gotten out of hand, contact a Ventura County lawyer at the Ercolani Law Group to learn more about how we may be able to help you.

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