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    • Auto vs. Auto - Disputed Right-Of-Way Collision $50,000

      We obtained the policy limit from the at-fault driver’s insurance although our client’s insurer had previously accepted liability and claimed our client was at-fault. We can protect your interests, even when your insurer has failed to fairly assess the facts of the collision.

    • Auto vs. Auto - Disputed Right-Of-Way Collision Pedestrian vs. Vehicle Collision $50,000

      We proved our client had the right-of-way

    • Auto vs. Auto - Rear End Collision $150,000

      We proved our clients substantial damages and explained the delay in treatment due to an intervening cancer diagnosis.

    • Auto vs. Auto - Rear End Collision $90,000

      Despite minimal $1,000 in property damage to our client’s rear bumper, we proved an exasperation of a serious pre-existing condition to obtain a fair result for our client.

    • Auto vs. Auto – Disputed Head-on Collision, and vs. California Department of Transportation $165,000

      An at-fault driver, unfamiliar with the winding mountain road, came around a corner too fast, crossed over the line and hit our client’s car head-on. Although the driver claimed he did not cross over the line, we proved he did. We later obtained additional damages against the CA DOT due to negligent maintenance of the roadway and the signage warning drivers of the impending hairpin turn.

    • Auto vs. Auto – Rear end Collision $50,000

      Our client’s treatment was challenged as unreasonable. We proved it was not and obtained fair compensation.

    • Auto vs. Auto Collision $100,000

      The at-fault driver pulled in to traffic in front of our client who had the right-of-way

    • Auto vs. Auto Collision $62,000

      We obtained a fair resolution for our client who sustained an exasperation of a pre-existing surgical condition

    • Auto vs. Auto Collision $100,000

      We proved our client’s financial losses and future losses due to sustained injury and the likelihood a future surgery would be needed

    • Auto vs. Auto Collision $57,750

      We proved our client’s injuries would require future care not yet obtained to achieve a fair result.

    • Auto vs. Auto Collision $172,500

      We proved our clients’ need for future medical care as a result of the collision.

    • Auto vs. Auto Collision – Disputed Red Light $50,000

      While the defendant admitted she looked down to the police, she claimed to her insurance company her light was green. Through depositions and other evidence developed through litigation, her insurance company increased their offer from $1,000 before we were involved to the $50,000 accepted.

    • Auto vs. Auto Collision – vs. underinsured rental car driver $47,500

      We proved liability and obtained the at-fault’s policy limits and our client’s Under Insured Motorist policy benefits

    • Auto vs. Garbage Truck Collision $50,000

      Our previously injured client suffered an exasperation of that condition. We obtained fair compensation for that exasperation.

    • Auto vs. Police Officer Collision $660,000

      While a police officer responding “Code 3” with lights and sirens on claimed he cleared the intersection appropriately, and the CHP investigated and put our client at fault for the collision, we disagreed. Through investigation in the field we obtain video evidence that the officer sped dangerously through the intersection and caused the collision. The County of Ventura faced with the video evidence acknowledged their officer’s fault and fairly compensated our client for his injuries.

    • Auto vs. School Bus Collision – Disputed Red Light $1,000,000

      Thankfully the school bus was empty. The bus driver claimed his light was green. Through field investigation we located and secured the testimony of an eyewitness. We proved our client’s pre-existing surgical fusion was exasperated by the severe collision and obtain a fair resolution for her injuries at mediation.

    • Auto vs. Truck Collision – Disputed Red Light $105,000

      At a notorious intersection in Moorpark, known for trucks running red lights, our client was hit by a truck running a red light. The truck driver claimed our client ran the red light! Despite no independent witnesses, we used forensic evidence pulled from the vehicles on-board Event Data Recorders to prove what really happened.

    • Drunk Driver – Auto vs. Auto Collision $1,250,000

      Unfortunately the drunk driver died in the collision. It was critical to preserve claims before the bar date against his probate estate. My client tried in vain for 9 months, attempting to obtain policy limits without a lawyer and was low-balled by the insurance for the at-fault deceased driver. Within 3 months of being hired we obtained all policy limits for our seriously injured client.

    • Drunk Driver – Auto vs. Auto Collision $70,000

      We appropriately used the fact that the defendant was intoxicated to ensure our injured client was fairly compensated.

    • Drunk Driver – Auto vs. Auto Collision $95,000

      While mostly soft-tissue damages with reasonable non-invasive treatment. We appropriately used the fact that the defendant was drunk to obtain a very fair resolution for our client.

    • Drunk Driver Rear End – Auto vs. Auto Collision $1,500,000

      We proved our client’s substantial financial loss due to lost wages resulting from a serious injury

    • Motorcycle vs. Auto Collision $97,000

      We proved in a disputed fact pattern, that our client was cut-off

    • Motorcycle vs. Auto Collision $50,000

      While merging onto the freeway on-ramp a negligent driver bumped our client off the road causing injuries. We proved the at-fault driver’s claim that our client crossed into her lane was false.

    • Parking Lot Collision $35,001

      We proved liability with photographic evidence and measurements of the vehicles involved in a disputed collision when the at-fault hit our client’s vehicle door as she emerged to exit her vehicle at the same time the at-fault driver was pulling in to the adjacent spot.

    • Premises Liability – Child Hit by Falling Lamppost vs. HOA and Property Owner $100,000

      The common area of a condo complex was so poorly maintained that a lamppost rusted at the base collapsed on a small child. While her injuries were mostly emotional trauma, we used forensic evidence to prove the likelihood of the need for future care. An inspection by the expert metallurgist we retained proved the dangerous condition of the lampposts throughout the common areas of the complex. We also structured the settlement such that it would grow tax free over the next 12 years until she needs it for college.

    • Premises Liability – Falling Merchandise Hits Customer vs. Retail Chain Store $650,000

      While a 1.5 pound box looked innocent enough, two of them stocked negligently on a shelf flipped off and hit our client on top of her head. Her pre-existing neck condition was exasperated resulting in a surgical intervention 1 year later. Medical causation was in dispute. Our retained experts did a fantastic job establishing the causal effect of the injury to the need for surgery, allowing for a fair resolution.

    • Slip and Fall vs. Grocery Store $75,001

      We obtained and used critical video evidence to prove disputed liability and obtain a fair resolution for our client

    • Slip and Fall vs. Hotel Operator $75,000

      Our client fell on a walkway that was wet due to a negligently maintained sprinkler system

    • Solo Motorcycle Collision – Injured Test Rider vs. Harley Davidson Dealership $450,000

      In the Case of First Impression (Meaning a First of Its Kind), we obtained a substantial resolution for our client who was injured in a solo motorcycle collision while on a test ride. He had a motorcycle operators license and signed a waiver of negligence liability release. However, we discovered and presented critical evidence that could support a finding of Gross Negligence by the motorcycle dealership and were able to obtain fair compensation for our client despite the liability waiver he signed.

    • Trip and Fall down stairs vs. Building Owner and Manager $100,000

      We proved our client’s substantial injuries due to the dangerous condition of a stairway