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Thousand Oaks Car Accident Lawyer

Ercolani Law Group Ensures You Are Covered Following a Severe Injury Thousand Oaks Car accident attorney

The aftermath of a car accident can cause an overwhelming burden to those who were injured. The stress alone can be too much to handle, from handling car repairs, arranging rentals, coordinating inspections, and fighting with insurance companies to receive fair coverage. You need an experienced Thousand Oaks car accident lawyer who will fight to ensure you are fairly compensated. Our team has been helping clients for over a decade, and we the experience necessary to hold insurance companies responsible for what they owe.

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Statute of Limitations in California

Statute of Limitations for A California Car Accident

In every state, there is a limit known as the "statute of limitations" that refers to the amount of time an individual has to file a car accident claim after they have been injured. The statute of limitations for a California car accident claim is two years.

If you've been injured in an auto accident, you may find it necessary to file a personal injury lawsuit in addition to a claim with your insurer. It's not always immediately apparent that you need to file a lawsuit, so it's important that you discuss your case with a car accident attorney in Thousand Oaks as soon as possible to avoid missing the deadline for additional compensation.

The state of California has different statutes of limitation for lawsuits involving car accidents:

  • Personal injury lawsuits - 2 years
  • Property damage lawsuits - 3 years
  • Claims involving government agencies - 6 months

If you fail to file your lawsuit before the statute of limitations has expired, your case may never be allowed in court. Our car accident attorneys in Thousand Oaks are ready to hear your case in Thousand Oaks, Ventura County, and Los Angeles County!

Steps to Take After a Car Accident

At Ercolani Law Group, we are committed to helping clients reduce their burden and help them get through the complicated maze of receiving financial compensation. In many cases, injuries will not even appear until weeks after a settlement check has been issued and signed, and once that happens, there is nothing you can do.

It is important to follow the proper steps to take after a car accident:

  • Call the police
  • Take pictures
  • Obtain witness statements about the fault of the other driver
  • Treat your injuries and have a doctor document them
  • Do not sign a check issued by your/their insurer without consulting with an attorney first

What are Common Causes of Car Accidents?

Some of the most common car accidents include rear-end accidents, side impact collisions, and speeding accidents. Ercolani Law Group has experience with these types of injury claims as well as the following less common types of car accidents in California:

How Experience Makes a Difference

Ercolani Law Group takes on the burden of placing a compensation check into your hands as quickly as possible. You do not need to suffer just because an insurer tells you there is no other option. By obtaining the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer, you will not have to shoulder these emotional and financial burdens alone.

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