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Thousand Oaks Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

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No matter how much we love dogs, the truth is an attack from one of these animals can cause severe and lasting damage. These types of injuries can occur in a variety of settings and usually happen unexpectedly, causing people to feel fear that they carry with them for years down the road. If you have been attacked by an animal or bitten by a dog, please contact the Thousand Oaks dog bite injuries lawyer at Ercolani Law Group for a free consultation to discuss your legal options.

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California Law Regarding Animal Attacks

Even though dogs are man’s best friend, owners who do not take care to leash their dogs can be responsible for bites and attacks that happen as a result. California has specific laws that permit people to recover damages from irresponsible pet owners whose animals inflict injuries on other people.

Dogs are considered dangerous by law when they:

  • Force a person to defend against the dog’s aggressive behavior at least twice within the past three years
  • Bite someone for no apparent reason
  • Kill or wound a domestic animal at least twice within the past three years

Learn More About your Dog Bite Lawsuit in California

Experiencing an animal attack can be extremely painful and distressing, often resulting in scarring and other long-term injuries. Every animal owner is legally responsible for the actions of their pets, and dangerous animals must be treated with extreme caution. If you or someone you know has been attacked, Ercolani Law Group may be able to help you take the steps necessary to prevent another incident from taking place. Our firm offers free consultations to help you get started with preparing your case.

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